Server x50

Chronicles: Lineage 2 Interlude
New L2Throne
Sub + Stack Server x50

-StackSub Quest: You have to kill a special raid boss through the territory of the city of Giran.
-You can only do StackSub: [Of your same "Race"] in Main Class + Substack and they also include in each retail SubClass (total: 4x 1 + 1). all 1 + 1 stack skills (Passive & Active).

Sub Retail + Stack:You can not give Switch "Choose your classes well".

-Skill Flame of Invecible:Restrict the use of the spell force for 15 seconds.

-Skill Spell Force y Battle Force:conditions to use it: Party and be a member of clan or ally.

-Exp restriction in party with high level characters, you need to level only up to level 45.

-Minimum party in the Command Channel for entry to Frintezza = 4
-Maximum party in the Command Channel for entry to Frintezza = 5

- Clan: All the clans can have only a quantity of 45 players, the royal and knight will work correctly, only they will not be able to unite or put anyone inside them.


Main Information
Main information
Server x50 
Chronicles: Lineage 2 Interlude
server Rates:

Exp: x50
Sp: x50
Adena: x10
Items: x10
Spoil: x10
Quests: x5
ENCHANT Weapons / Armor / Jewelry:
Safety +3
Max +20/+20/+20
On failure to discharge +3 if enchant with blessed scrolls
When creating a new character:
When creating a new character is given such an items: Top No Grade + Soulshots: No grade + Scroll of Escape.

Getting from the first to the third class does not require the passage of quests
1-st profession for free and free gift 3 Item Coke to buy item (D) in GM-SHOP.
2-st profession for free and free gift 2 Item Nivia to buy item (C) in GM-SHOP.
3st profession cost 50 000 000 adena and free gift Book of Giants.

Automatic learning skills.
Subclass without quest.
/ unstuck 5minutes.
The catacombs are open 24 \ 7
According to the concept of a castle siege NCSoft.
The maximum number of windows from one PC is 3

Buffs / Buffer (Free up to level 51)
Number of slots: 28 + 4
Number of debuff slots: 6
Cost buffs Profecys: 1.000.000 adena
The duration of the buff: 1 hrs
All buffs, dances, songs and buffs for pets
Full recovery: MP, CP and HP


Epic Zone PVP and  if you get Critical Error you can relogin before 5 minutes for 5 times within the zone.
If Epic Boss no have damage about 30 min - he will "SLEEP".

Value in hours:
Zaken : 48 hrs + random 2 hrs
Valakas: 11 days + random 2 hrs
Core/Ofren: 36 hrs + random 4 hrs
Baium: 5 days + random 2 hrs
Antharas: 8 days + random 2 hrs
Ant Queen: 1days + random 1 hrs
Frintezza: 2 days + random 2 hrs
Epic Level > 80
Flame of Splendor Barakiel (Nobless Boss): 6 hrs + random 1 hrs
Conventional RB: 12 hrs + random 1 hrs
Respawn Alliance RB (Varka\Ketra): 6 hrs + random 6hrs
Drop Life Stone from Tyrannosaurus chance (40%-1) respawn 5 minutes

The information that is available:
In the store is available all consumables.
Shots, potions, crystals and etc...
Weapons, armor and jewelry to B-grade for adena.


Command to get the requested coins.

Clan Leader can summon all members every 30 minutes, requiring 5 Col.

INFO: Shows the server date and time in real life.

Clan Control Panel, Only the clan leader gives permission to WH and also shows the members who connect the least.

INFO:  Give your vote on the hopzone page and then claim the prize with the command.

INFO: Give your vote on the topzone page and then claim the prize with the command.

Quest Rates
Legacy of insolence:x3
Relics of the old empire:x5
Gather the flames: x5
Seductive Whisper:1x
Alliance With Ketra Orcs:x5
Alliance With Varka Silenos:x5
Stakato Nest:x4
Guardians of the hoygrail:x2
Seekers of the holygrail:3x
Heart In Search of power:x5
Giant Exploration Parte 1y2:1x
Delicious Top Choice Meat:x3
Reagent Supplys:x5
Fines Food:x5

  • Exp x2
  • Sp x2
  • Adena x2
  • Spoil x2
  • Premium Buff Free
  • Increase + 2 Buff Slots
  • Global Chat using (%)

* Battle schedule
1st shift > 15:00 - 18:00 UTC +3 (MOSCOW).
2nd shift > 20:00 - 23:00 UTC +3 (MOSCOW).

* It starts Monday of the 3rd week after the server opens.

* Every 15 days you can fight for any of the 2 classes.

* You can compete with any of the 2 classes your character has, using the Switch on the SubStack NPC.

* You can only use the skilles of the class that is participating in your battles.

* Mandatory Limit of Enchant items level on Olympiad +6.

Battles by base class disabled. "For more fun".

* 6 players Min Participant for Class Free.

* The player can not  move while count down to start the match is running (Root).

* Requirements
Be the first in the table with the most points earned.
Have 9 competition battles.
Achieve 5 minimum victories for the hero.

Choose the desired class 10 minutes before the end of the Olympics season by doing (Swicth) on the NPC SubStack.

This idea is simply to be able to help the entire community,
every end of the month an announcement will be given
enabling the purchase of your coin of look that you have in
the game at half the established price, you must comply with the correct information of your data such as email real, account, nick, your name and country, payment will be made by Paypal or Western Union, commission and / or shipping will be deducted from the money sent.

Coin of look price = $ 0.50

From Server to Player

Coin of look price = $ 0.25

From Player to Server


Minimum 10 coin of look.
Email linked to your account.